A Student-Benefit Program that focuses on thoroughly assessing the child Followed by a detailed Intervention Plan, Follow-Up sessions, EMR (Electronic Medical-Health Record) and along with providing Monthly Diet Charts.

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Mental Health Services


Today mental health and well being requires our attention. Life isn’t perfect for anyone and good health comes from knowing what we can cope with whatever life sends our way. Mental Health is about living productive and fulfilling  lives to maintain Quality of Life, finding balance between the many parts of our responsibilities, family , school, relationships and friends. Life is full of ups and downs and everyone will face difficult and stressful situations. But the cool thing is that we can all work for improving our child’s mental health in the same way that we can change and improve our physical health. This can be done through programmes that include life skills education, school based health intervention, if indicated professional treatment.

We acknowledge that some changes are part of normal growing up, e.g. growth and hormonal changes, as well as changes in relationships that children experience with parents and society. Children can go through their youth without showing significant behavioral or academic difficulties, due to positive coping skills and resilience building.

Our mission is to address the population of total of 44% of children in our country by 2021. We are dedicated to provide affordable health care services for each child in every household. We aim to sensitize and spread awareness in  the  parents and the school for enhanced access to healthcare services and  better health outcomes which is turn will affect the overall development of the child.

Evidence states that 1 in 5 children and adolescents experience the signs and symptoms of emotional stress thereby contributing to disruption in school, poor school performance and decreased passing rates in children. Life is full of ups and downs, and the cool thing is that we can help our children manage it strongly.

Everyone is different. You may bounce back from setback others may not. So we need to teach children to be resilient, to be able to handle criticism, teach them life skills. Our youth spend more time in school than they do anywhere else except their own home. School is one of the best places for both educators and students to become increasingly aware of mental health. School is the most strongest social and educational institution available for intervention.


Parents and teachers approach us to share the issues of the child and we do the full assessment accordingly on the referred cases.


we aim to build a healthy rapport with the child so that they feel comfortable to discuss with us.



it is all about music, dance, art to support the intellectual, emotional and motor function of an individual. It is not about creating a “pretty” picture. It is not a dance ready for the stage. It is not a poem written and rewritten to perfection. It allows one to express unspoken and often unconscious concerns that are embedded deep inside the mind.


Mindfulness is a psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experience occurring in the present moment which one can develop through the practice of meditation and through other training. The techniques of relaxation and breathing, allows one to live a mindful life and not a mind full life.


Psycho drama is an action method often used as a psycho therapy, in which clients use spontaneous dramatization, role-playing and dramatic self-presentation to investigate and gain insight to their lives.


Social skills are the behaviours, verbal and non-verbal that we use in order to communicate effectively with other people. It is governed by culture, beliefs and attitudes. We help children to bring a continuous change through their lives to develop personality.


Baalsaathee assessment tools measure the student’s capacity and potential for school learning or his / her ability to cope with general intellectual stimulations. The tools are well crafted to measure the personality aspects of the child to cope up with interpersonal problems in life which are causing any maladjustment or decline in academics. We also assess the child by using learning style, IQ, and multiple intelligent assessments. In our country, where most of the mental health and behavioural concerns come up with attached stigma, or team psycho educate the children upon the essentials of keeping mentally and physically healthy.

Special Education

it provides students with identified disabilities specialized instruction designed to meet their unique learning needs, giving them the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. A child’s specific needs dictate what is taught in special education. Some children with disabilities require intensive, systematic instruction to achieve success in daily living, school, community and work settings. Baalsaathee provides the facilities and skills for the growth and development of the child.