A Student-Benefit Program that focuses on thoroughly assessing the child Followed by a detailed Intervention Plan, Follow-Up sessions, EMR (Electronic Medical-Health Record) and along with providing Monthly Diet Charts.

E-7,Sector-50, Noida

E-7,Sector-50, Noida
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Physical health is a state of well-being when all internal and external body parts

The tools are well crafted to measure the personality of a child.

The unpalatable truth is depriving child’s body of much needed nutrition

Our Benefits

“Assessment & Credible Guidelines of Child Health Coupled with Tracking Mechanism of Interventions and Reviews”.

Reduce Absenteeism & Dropouts

Improved Academic Performance

Increased Interest In Learning

Better Behaviour & Social Engagements

Lower Rates of Childhood Diseases

Increased Confidence & Self Esteem

A Healthy Personal Growth & Character Development

Baal Saathee provides:

A Network of Health Experts
Assessment Of Children
Psychometric Evaluation Of Teachers And Staff
Workshops For Parents, Teachers And Students
Electronic Medical Records
Intervention and Engagement
Follow - Ups

Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.


BaalSaathee Health Card

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Health Record, which is the digital equivalent of paper records, or charts at a clinician’s office. The smart card enables one to store access and exchange data securely with a high level of security and efficiency making them ideal for handling sensitive information such as identity and personal health history.

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