A Student-Benefit Program that focuses on thoroughly assessing the child Followed by a detailed Intervention Plan, Follow-Up sessions, EMR (Electronic Medical-Health Record) and along with providing Monthly Diet Charts.

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Nutrition and Diet

Healthy eating can help children to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight to avoid deficicenies and reduced the risk of poor health conditions like deficiency disorder, dental problems, obesity and eye-sight issue. We, at Baal Saathi can help top up your child's diet and help filling various gaps to support their growth and development.


straight from the tawa and garnished with a fat gallop of melting butter but the unpalatable truth is that it might deprive the child’s body from other essential nutrients. Nutrition is a basic human need and a pre-requisite to a healthy life. Healthy eating in childhood and adolescence is important for proper physical and mental health development and to prevent various deficiencies and ill health conditions.


Holistic: It integrates lifestyle and Nutrition.
Strategic: It has a plan in place as per the requirements of kids.
It gives student and parents facts, tools and information for healthier choices.


Depending on Socio-economic factors, Geographical factors, Meal evaluation, Nutritional deficiencies, BMI (Body Metabolic Index), Body fat percentage, etc